Burglars of "Baghdad" Castle

Original Title 馬具田城の盗賊
Japanese kana Rendering Bagudajo no tozoku
English Title Burglars of "Baghdad" Castle
Production Date 1926
Author Noburo Ofuji
Duration (minutes) 14
Sound silent
Color b/w
Plot In a castle in the capital of Azuma-no-kuni there is a lazy young man called Dangobei who robs people of their wallets. One day, Dangobei picks up a good-luck charm that the beautiful princess, lady of the castle, lost. Knowing that a man who obtains the treasure of the Dragon Castle can marry the princess, Dangobei heads there with the good-luck charm in hand. First, Dangobei enters the country of snow and uses the tip of his umbrella to defeat a monstrous centaur who was bullying the spirit of snow. As a token of thanks, the spirit of snow says to Dangobei “Do not treat the snow accumulated on your umbrella carelessly.” Another man who wants to marry the princess arrives at the Demon Abyss, but a dragon appears and eats him. When Dangobei throws the umbrella with snow on it at the dragon, the dragon eats it and disappears. Then, the spirit of snow appears and guides Dangobei to the underwater Dragon Castle. Dangobei gets a precious orb that grants wishes and returns to ”Baghdad” Castle riding the flying horse Pegasus. After returning to to find that an enemy is attacking the castle, Dangobei uses the precious orb to create an ally army to save the princess. Dangobei, who is now the general of this large force, successfully saves the castle and marries the princess. At the castle, a banquet continues with a portable shrine on parade during the day and fireworks at night.
Description This is Noburo Ofuji's official debut work and the first animated film made using chiyogami paper. Dangobei (sometimes read "Dango no Hyoue"), the main character in Chiyogami Eiga, appears in this film for the first time. The story is about a cowardly boy who grows through overcoming difficulties - a theme consistent through the entire series of Chiyogami Eiga. The title, Burglars of “Baghdad” Castle, created after the American movie The Thief of Bagdad (1924), is itself quite interesting. The original was three reels of 35mm film with a total length of 666 meters, lasting 30 min. (at 18fps). The existing film is a 16mm digest version (Marvel Graph) released by the Jujiya Kogataeiga Division.
Production Company Jiyu Eiga Kenkyusho*
Distribution Chuo Eigasha*
Release Date Jul 15,1926
Credits: Director Noburo Ofuji*
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc.
Intertitles T1「MARVEL GRAPH マーヴェル グラフ」、T2「馬具田城の盗賊」、T3「今は昔 吾妻の国に 馬具田と云ふ 都がありました」、T4「馬具田城」、T5「これは都一の怠者 團子兵衛と申すものでござる」、T6「やつ これは これは」、T7「花日傘 顔みる までの 美しさ」、T8「や これは これは」、T9「やっ これは これは」、T10「しめたぞ」、T11「美人の 譽れ高い 城主の姫君」、T12「お婿様に なるために 怪龍城へ 寶物をとりに ゆくのさ」、T13「凡て幸福は 汝自らの努力に よつて得べきものなり」、T14「怪龍城へ」、T15「雪の國」、T16「たすけて・・・・」、T17「雪の精」、T18「いつでも 雪の精を いぢめる怪馬人」、T19「こわや こわや 危きに 近よらず」、T20「あれ・・…」、T21「傘につもる雪を 決して 粗末に なさいますな」、T22「我がものと おもえば かろき傘の ゆきと…」、T23「あんまり かろくも ないぞ」、T24「魔ヶ淵」、T25「お助け下れた お礼に 怪龍城え ご案内申しませう」、T26「怪龍城」、T27「思ふこと たちどころに叶ふ 稀代の寶珠」、T28「馬」、T29「どう したんだ」、T30「敵軍殺到!!」、T31「お城が とられた んだよ」、T32「敵!來たる」、T33「お城の危難を 救つた 團子兵衛は 三国一のお婿様 となりました」、T34「めでたや めでたや よろこべ よろこべ」、T35「幸福は自らの努力に よつて得るものなり」、T36「終」。
Censorship - Date and Number [参考]内務省検閲番号:A78(1926年4月2日)。
References ・木村千疋男「主要日本映画批評 馬具田城の盗賊」『キネマ旬報』1926年8月1日・第235号、52頁。
Frames per Second 18fps
Source of Digital Copy The 16mm positive donated from individuals
Completeness complete (no credit information)
Additional Notes The mark of "*" will provide an additional explanation gained from the bibliographical information.
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