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I cannot play the video.

Please check your Internet connection and your audio-visual environment. For details, see the "System and Browser Requirements" section on the following webpage.

There is no sound with the video.

As indicated below, there are a number of possible reasons for this.

  1. The video was originally a silent animation that would have been shown without sound (see the commentary below). Of the 64 works posted on this website, 54 were originally released as silent films.
  2. The video was originally a talkie, but the video file was created from a film without a sound track so it is presented as a silent animation (described as a silent film in the "Sound" column). The following six works are talkie films presented without sound.
  3. You may be experiencing problems with the browser environment. See the "System and Browser Requirements" section on the following webpage.
I would like to download the videos for use.

This website is designed to provide videos via streaming only. Copying and saving of these videos on PCs, DVDs or other devices is prohibited.

I would like to introduce others to these videos by embedding them in my website.

The videos posted on this website cannot be embedded in other websites. Please use links to the website, which allows access to the videos free of charge.

I would like to post images on my website.

Banner advertisements are freely available to all users who wish to introduce this website to others.

Please refrain from copying the content of this website, for example taking screenshots.

Using the provided contents

I would like to use this website in a school class.

Schools and other educational institutions are allowed to use this website for non-profit, educational purposes. Please answer the questionnaire if you have used this website in class.

I would like to use this website in a research meeting or at a study session for non-profit purposes. Furthermore, I would like to collect participation fees on such occasions.

You may use the content of this website for non-profit, educational purposes via streaming only. However, please refrain from using the content mainly for the purpose of publicly presenting the works on this website (including screenings). It is also required to be refrained from collecting admission fees.However, you are permitted to collect fees and material charges to cover the actual costs borne by sponsors in organizing and holding research meetings.

I need screening materials to present animated films at film festivals and movie events.

Screening materials are available for a fee. To use such materials, you must follow the procedure stipulated by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. For details, please contact our staff.

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I need image data to introduce this website in magazines, on the internet and in TV programs.

We loan image data for public relations purpose is available for free of charge. If you are a press staff and interested in introducing this website to the public, please see details of the following page.

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I would like to use the image and video data to introduce animated films to others.

Data that is used to introduce not the website itself but specific animated films is available for a fee. For details, please contact our staff.

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