Spring Song

Original Title 春の唄
Japanese kana Rendering Haru no uta
English Title Spring Song
Production Date 1931
Author Noburo Ofuji
Duration (minutes) 3
Sound silent
Color b/w, tinted
Description The original version was a record talkie (silent film with synchronized sound on disc). A 16mm version and a 9.5mm Pathé Baby version were simultaneously released by Chiyogami Graph, a label of Chiyogami Eigasha (the record number reveals that this film was recorded only on side A). However, sounds are missing from the existing version. The Spring Song is a lovely piece of music known as the theme song for the Spring Dance Performance presented by Shochiku Kageki Division at the Osaka Shochikuza theater. Even today, the song is sung by OSK Nippon Revue Company, the successor to the Shochiku Opera Division, under the title Cherry Blossom Country. The Spring Song recorded in the Japan Art Animation Movie Collection (1) DVD: Works by Noburo Ofuji (organized by the Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers; published by Kinokuniya Shoten, 2004) is a version synchronized with record music.
Production Company Chiyogami Eigasha
Distribution Banno Shoten
Release Date Apr 1931
Credits: Director Animation: Noburo Ofuji
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc. Poems by: Suifu Kishimoto Songs by: Shiro Matsumoto Performed by: Kikuko Inoue Columbia Records 25819-A
Intertitles T1「Pathé-Baby」、T2「不燃性フヰルム BANNO」、T3「千代紙映画」、T4「START」、T5「春の唄」、T6「コロンビアレコード 25819-A」、T7「作歌 岸本水府」、T8「作曲 松本四朗」、T9「獨唱 井上起久子」、T10「千代紙グラフ」、T11「作画 大藤信郎」、T12「春の唄 サクラサク クニ サクラサクラ ハナハ ニシカラ ヒガシカラ ココモ チリシク アスファルト サクラフブキニ クルウアシドリ」、T13「終」、T14「Pathé-Baby」。
Censorship - Date and Number
Frames per Second 16fps
Source of Digital Copy The 9.5mm positive owned by Planet Film Archive (tinted) -> The 35mm internegative owned by NFC 
Completeness lack of sound
Additional Notes The tinted color was digitally reproduced.
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