An Expression

Original Title AN EXPRESSION(表現)
Japanese kana Rendering An Expression, Hyogen
English Title An Expression
Production Date 1935
Author Shigeji Ogino
Duration (minutes) 4
Sound silent
Color color
Description This film symbolizes a city man with a triangle and a country woman with a circle to express their encounter through movements. This work was created by using the Kinemacolor technique. To create a multi-color film, the creators shot a black-and-white film, alternating frame by frame between a red filter and a green filter, and developed it. They colored the film alternately in red and in green frame by frame, and projected the completed film at twice the normal speed (28fps to 32fps, according to Ogino).
Production Company
Release Date
Credits: Director Shigeji Ogino
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc.
Censorship - Date and Number
References ・郷田真理子「フィルムセンター所蔵の小型映画コレクション: 9.5mmフィルム調査の覚書」『東京国立近代美術館 研究紀要』2013年第17号、95-109頁。
Frames per Second 32fps
Source of Digital Copy The 9.5mm positive donated from individuals
Completeness complete
Additional Notes
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