?/Rhythmic Triangles/Fighting Cards

Original Title ? 三角のリズム トランプの爭
Japanese kana Rendering Hatena, Sankaku no rizumu, Toranpu no arasoi
English Title ?/Rhythmic Triangles/Fighting Cards
Production Date 1932
Author Shigeji Ogino
Duration (minutes) 4
Sound silent
Color b/w
Description Is this an abstract film or a riddle? A dazzling dance performed by figures.
Production Company
Release Date
Credits: Director Shigeji Ogino
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc.
Intertitles T1「?」、T2「?」、T3「地下より見たる尾張町」、T4「ヲハリ」。
Censorship - Date and Number
Frames per Second 16fps
Source of Digital Copy The 9.5mm positive donated from individuals
Completeness complete
Additional Notes
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