Momotaro under the Sea

Original Title 海の桃太郎
Japanese kana Rendering Umi no Momotaro
English Title Momotaro under the Sea
Production Date 1932
Author Yasuji Murata
Duration (minutes) 9
Sound silent
Color b/w
Plot Under the sea, jellyfish, hermit crabs, shrimp and fish are rushing away to hide. An octopus, who had been napping, comes out and asks a puffer fish what is going on. The puffer fish says that the infamous great shark is swimming around. The puffer fish explains that the shark even bites big whales and catches dolphins that can swim so fast. He complains that although flying fish can escape the shark, he bloats up and cannot swim when he panics. The puffer fish asks the octopus to allow him to take shelter in the octopus's hole. Then comes the shark. The octopus hurriedly pulls the plug out of the puffer fish's stomach and hides him safely in the hole. At the Dragon Palace, imperial staff conferences are held every day and a committee decides that Momotaro's help is needed. A request for help is delivered from the Dragon Palace Radio Room to Momotaro, who immediately sets out on a mission in a submarine, accompanied by the dog and the monkey. He leaves behind the pheasant who cannot swim. The submarine goes down in the ocean and the anchor is released, overturning the rock where the octopus and the puffer fish are hiding. The monkey comes down on a rope to meet the surprised octopus and puffer fish, and tells them that Momotaro has come to defeat the big shark. The octopus tells the monkey where the shark lives. Everyone is happy as the octopus announces the arrival of Momotaro. Momotaro looks through the periscope; finding the shark's habitat in the back of the Royal Forest, he fires a torpedo. A fierce battle begins between the shark and the submarine. The shark bites off the bottom of the submarine, while Momotaro jumps out into the water and cuts open the shark's belly. On the belly of the shark lying on the bottom of the ocean, Momotaro, the monkey and the dog shout "Banzai." The news of Momotaro defeating the shark is announced via radio and a raccoon delivers the extra news edition. Reading the extra edition, the pheasant smiles along with Momotaro's grandparents. Medals awarded by the Dragon Palace are hanging on the chests of Momotaro, the monkey and the dog.
Description Momotaro under the Sea, in which Momotaro defeats a big shark in a submarine, was produced in response to the popularity of Momotaro in the Sky (1931). It is interesting that the pheasant, who cannot swim, remains in Japan. The original film was a 35-mm version with a length of 303 m, lasting 13 minutes (at 20 fps). Intertitles, including lines and explanations, are omitted from the existing print for some reason, possibly to make it easier for narrators to talk. Barely legible intertitles remain in several frames and lines supplemented based on the 1932 April issue of Eiga Kyoiku are provided in the intertitle column.
Production Company Yokohama Cinema Shokai*
Distribution 35-mm version: Okamoto Yoko (Kanto)* and Oku Shokai (Kansai)*
Release Date
Credits: Director Animation: Yasuji Murata
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc. Supervised by Chuzo Aochi
Intertitles T1: Momotaro under the Sea T2: Animation by Yasuji Murata T3: Supervised by Chuzo Aochi [T4: I was awakened from my nap. What's this commotion about? T5: What's going on?] T6: The big bad shark is here. The one that kills anyone in sight. T7: He even bit the huge whale who swam off in fear. T8: Dolphins are fast but many were killed. T9: Flying fish can escape the shark but ... T10: when I panic I bloat up and can't swim. [T11: I beg you to let me take shelter in your house for a while. T12: Here he comes. T13: The emergence of the big shark has caused a big commotion in the Dragon Palace, where imperial staff meetings are held every day.] T14: A committee decides that Momotaro's help is needed. T15: The Dragon Palace asked for help via radio communication. T16: In response to the request of the Dragon Palace, Momotaro immediately sets off to rescue the distressed fish, leaving behind the pheasant who can't swim. [T17: What's this? T18: This must be an anchor, but where did it come from? T19: Fear not. I came with Momotaro. The Dragon Palace asked us to defeat the big shark. T20: Tell us where the big shark lives. T21: About 100 nautical miles from here there is a coral forest. The shark lives in a big cavern at the end of the forest. T22: We're so relieved now that Momotaro, Japan's No. 1, has come to save us.] T23: Royal Forest. Authorized Personnel Only [T24: Extra News. Momotaro defeats the big shark in the Dragon Palace. T25: The Dragon Palace awards the highest medal to Momotaro for having defeated the big shark. Telegram from the Dragon Palace: The most ferocious shark that had ravaged the southern ocean was defeated by Japan's great Momotaro.] Note: Descriptions in the square brackets were added based on the 1932 April issue of Eiga Kyoiku and other materials.
Censorship - Date and Number Ministry of Interior censorship number: G8755 (June 10, 1932)
References ・ "Introduction to New Educational Movies: Momotaro under the Sea," Eiga Kyoiku, No. 48 (February 1932), pp. 36-37 (with photos).
・ Shigeru Onoda, " Description of the April 1932 Movie for Schools: Momotaro under the Sea," Eiga Kyoiku, No. 50 (April 1932), p. 44.
Frames per Second 20fps
Source of Digital Copy The 35mm nitrate positive donated from individuals -> The 35mm internegative owned by NFC 
Completeness no intertitles
no end title
Additional Notes simple digital restoration
The mark of "*" will provide an additional explanation gained from the bibliographical information.
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