Momotaro, Japan's No.1

Original Title お伽噺 日本一 桃太郎
Japanese kana Rendering Otogibanashi Nihonichi Momotaro
English Title Momotaro, Japan's No.1
Production Date 1928
Author Sanae Yamamoto
Duration (minutes) 9
Sound silent
Color b/w
Plot An old man would go to the mountains to cut wood, while his wife would go to the river to wash clothes. One day, the old woman brings home a big peach that came floating down the river. When the old woman cuts the peach open, there is a sprightly boy inside. He punishes an ogre who was harassing the villagers, then he decides to go and defeat the ogres living on Ogre Island. The old man and woman make him some millet dumplings, known as kibi-dango. On the way, a monkey, a dog, and a pheasant join him. After crossing the ocean and reaching the palace where the ogres live, Momotaro and his companions make the chief ogre surrender. With gold, silver, coral, and other treasures in hand, Momotaro returns triumphant to his village.
Description [Sakura Graph] This film contains some grotesque scenes - for example, in the scene where Momotaro, who is on stilts, shows off his power, he pulls off one of the ogre's horns and hits him on he head with it, causing the ogre's eyeballs to pop out. Seitaro Kitayama, from whom Sanae Yamamoto learned animation techniques in his youth, also produced Momotaro (1918). In some documents, this film is called "Nihon Ichi no Momotaro" (Momotaro, Japan's No. 1).
Production Company Takamasa Eigasha
Distribution Konishiroku Honten
Release Date
Credits: Director Sanae Yamamoto*
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc. Photography: Takamasa Aihara*
Intertitles T1「サクラグラフ」、T2「お伽噺 日本一 桃太郎 タカマサ映画社」、T3「桃からうまれた桃太郎 きはやさしくてちからもち」、T4「きびだんご」、T5「おにがしまをばうたんとていさんでいへをでかけたり」、T6「日本一のきびだんご なさけにつきくるいぬとさる」、T7「きじももらふておともする」、T8「いそげものども」、T9「おくるなよ」、T10「はげしいいくさにだいしやうり」、T11「おにがーしまをばせめふせて」、T12「とつたたからはなになにぞ きんぎんさんごあやにしき」、T13「くるまにつんだたからもの」、T14「いぬがひきだすエンヤラヤ」、T15「さるがあとおすエンヤラヤ」、T16「きじがつなひくエンヤラヤ」、T17「終」。
Censorship - Date and Number 内務省検閲番号:C5602(1928年5月31日)
Frames per Second 24fps
Source of Digital Copy The 16mm positive owned by Planet Film Archive -> The 35mm internegative owned by NFC 
Completeness complete (no credit information)
Additional Notes The mark of "*" will provide an additional explanation gained from the bibliographical information.
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