My Big Emergency

Original Title おいらの非常時
Japanese kana Rendering Oirano hijoji
English Title My Big Emergency
Production Date 1936
Author Sanae Yamamoto
Duration (minutes) 11
Sound silent
Color b/w
Plot A peaceful country of frogs suddenly faces airstrikes from attack bombers that took off from a floating platform of the devil country. A full force of cat-like creatures stages an attack from sea-planes. General Korokichi the frog issues a battle order with his gun to fight back. Although attack bombers are dispatched from a submarine carrier and attacks intensify at night, the frog team responds with anti-aircraft guns using searchlights. Thanks to Korokichi's outstanding work, the enemy planes are shot down. It is at this point that Korokichi wakes up and realizes that it was all a dream.
Description This film contains some unique elements, such as the dynamic movements of waves that remind us of Hokusai Katsushika's ukiyoe painting and the idea of turning animals into advanced modern weapons (e.g., a snail-shaped tank, an acoustic instrument in the shape of a rabbit ear, a duck siren, and an owl searchlight). In the next year, this film was distributed again by Towa Shoji under a new title, The Invincible Army of Justice (無敵正義軍).
Production Company Nippon Denpotsushinsha Katsudoshashin Division
Release Date
Credits: Director Story and Animation: Sanae Yamamoto
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc.
Intertitles T1「おいらの非常時」、T2「原案 作画…山本早苗 提供…日本電報通信社活動寫眞部」、T3「蛙の國のコロちゃんたちはいつも平和で幸福でした」、T4「海洋にたむろう悪魔國の海上飛行隊は」、T5「平和な夢はやぶられて」、T6「大將のコロ吉はピストルで出動命令を」、T7「敵もさる者すて身の爆擊」、T8「コロ吉みづからさいかち虫にまたがって」、T9「夜が来て海の魔物 飛行潜水母艦」、T10「コロ吉の親友兎君は聽音ロボット」、T11「非常警報 サイレンのひゞき」、T12「空襲!」、T13「フクロの目玉は闇夜を照す」、T14「敵機はことごとく射落とされた そして平和な曉が……」、T15「コロ吉はよい気持で戰爭の夢を見て居りました」。
Censorship - Date and Number 内務省検閲番号:K2537(1936年2月20日)
References ・「新作教育映畫紹介 おいらの非常時」『映画教育』1935年3月号、57頁。
Frames per Second 24fps
Source of Digital Copy The 35mm nitrate positive repatriated from Library of Congress -> The 35mm reversal positive owned by NFC -> 35mm internegative 
Completeness no end title
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