The Animal Olympics

Original Title 動物オリムピック大會
Japanese kana Rendering Dobutsu orinpikku taikai
English Title The Animal Olympics
Production Date 1928
Author Yasuji Murata
Duration (minutes) 13
Sound silent
Color b/w
Plot Animals appear in a field all holding a lion flag in their hands. Following the opening address from the chairman lion, a monkey representing all the animals declares that they all will demonstrate the spirit of sportsbeastship (as opposed to sportsmanship). When the games start, a monkey who was filming a polar bear failing in an attempt at the pole vault tries it himself and successfully obtains a high mark. In the discus, a throw by an elephant flies over the mountains. In the 200-meter hurdles event for a black rabbit and pig, the rabbit wins, but the pig inflates like a balloon and flies off into the sky. In the javelin, the throw by the elephant follows the pig, hits it, and the pig lands. A camel, hippopotamus, bulldog, duck, and monkey are in the 1500-meter final. The bulldog was leading the race but fights with the monkey in the middle of the race and goes out of his lane, giving the lead to the duck. A trophy is given to the elephant who won first prize in his two events, and everyone tossed the elephant in the air celebrating his victory, but the trophy is smashed to pieces when the elephant falls down on it.
Description The 30th of the Athena Film Library educational film series produced by Yokohama Cinema Shokai. A 35mm version and a 16mm version were released. The existing print is a 16mm Sakura Graph version released by Konishiroku Honten. The close-up of a lion's face at the beginning, which turns into a championship flag, and the role of a monkey that uses a movie camera to record the games and championships are noteworthy.
Production Company Yokohama Cinema Shokai*
Distribution 35mm version: Okamoto &Co.*, Oku Shokai Ltd.*,
16mm version:Konishiroku Honten
Release Date Sep 1928
Credits: Director Animation: Yasuji Murata*
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc. Supervise: Chuzo Aochi* Photography:Mitsuharu Iida*
Intertitles T1「サクラグラフ」、T2「動物オリムピック大會 全一巻」、T3「入場式」、T4「会長の訓辞」、T5「………諸士宜しく勇往 邁進各全力を擧げて この大会に最大の成 功を興へられんこと を希望します」、T6「選手代表の宜誓」、T7「………我々は正に其の 最善を畫して、必ず スポーツマン?………」、T8「………我々は正に其の 最善を畫して、必ず スポーツマン?………スポーツ・ビースト・シップの精神を發揮するこ とを誓ひます」、T9「棒髙跳び」、T10「円板投げ」、T11「二百メートルハードル」、T12「オーイ」、T13「オーイ」、T14「槍投げ」、T15「千五百メートル決勝」、T16「得点表/象 円板投 一等 槍投 一等 計一二点/兎 ハードル 一等 六点/猿 棒高飛 一等 六点/家鴨 千五百メートル 一等 六点」、T17「賞品授與式」、T18「終」。
Censorship - Date and Number
References ・「新作教育映畫紹介 動物オリムピツク大會」『映畫教育』1928年9月25日・第7輯、28頁(写真あり)。
Frames per Second 20fps
Source of Digital Copy The 16mm positive donated from individuals -> The 35mm internegative owned by NFC 
Completeness complete (no credit information)
Additional Notes The mark of "*" will provide an additional explanation gained from the bibliographical information.
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