A Wolf is a Wolf

Original Title 漫画 狼は狼だ
Japanese kana Rendering Manga Okami wa okami da
English Title A Wolf is a Wolf
Production Date 1931
Author Yasuji Murata
Duration (minutes) 11
Sound silent
Color b/w
Plot One fall in the animal village. A raccoon sets off with a goat to eat persimmons that grow in abundance on a tree. On their way, the raccoon turns himself into a human to surprise the timid goat. Arriving under the persimmon tree, the two animals shake the tree and eat many persimmons. A wolf, who has been watching the two, attacks them. The raccoon rolls down the slope and escapes, while the goat, having fainted, is snatched by the wolf. That night, the animals gather together to discuss how to defeat the cruel wolf. The raccoon proudly declares that he will turn himself into a big octopus and capture the wolf alive. On the next morning, the raccoon sets off to defeat the wolf and runs into him. Although the raccoon turns himself into a polar bear and a huge octopus, he forgets to hide his tail and runs away. The autumn gives way to winter. Child rabbits are dancing in a circle. A squirrel sitting on top of a tree spots the wolf coming down from the mountain through a telescope. There is a commotion in the village. A rabbit brings a monkey from a nearby village. The monkey tells the elderly goat that he has a good idea. While the wolf is watching goats on the other side of the river, the monkey orders his followers to form a bridge across the river. The wolf, on his way across the bridge, feels dizzy looking at the swift current. At this moment, the bridge falls apart and the wolf falls into the river. The village animals shout with joy.
Description An educational story that shows how village animals defeat a cruel wolf with the wisdom of a monkey.
Production Company the Ministry of Education
Release Date
Credits: Director Animation: Yasuji Murata
Credits: Staff, Cast, etc.
Intertitles T1: The Ministry of Education Presents T2: Cartoon / A Wolf is a Wolf T3: Animation by Yasuji Murata T4: I'm sorry. I won't scare you again. T5: That night, the villagers make a plan to defeat the cruel wolf. T6: I have an idea. You can count on me. T7: What do you think about this? I'll do this... T8: The wolf will be terrified and I'll catch him alive. T9: Next morning T10: Hey, wolf! T11: Oops! T12: Autumn has passed, and winter has come. T13: The wolf is coming down the mountain! T14: Alright. I have an idea. Leave it to me. T15: Hello, Mr. Wolf! T16: Monkey, you came at the right time. Don't move! T17: Wait a moment. I'm at your service. We came all the way here to take you to the other side of the river where the goats live. T18: I see. Good. Take me now. T19: Get ready. T20: Peaceful days have returned to the mountain village. T21: A Wolf is a Wolf / The End
Censorship - Date and Number
References ・ "Description of New Movies: A Wolf is a Wolf," Ministry of Education Report on Educational Movies No. 10, Social Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, 1933, pp. 20-24 (with photos).
Frames per Second 24fps
Source of Digital Copy The 35mm nitrate original negative owned by Ministry of Education -> The 35mm interpositive owned by NFC -> 35mm internegative -> The 35mm positive
Completeness complete
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