“In our childhood days when toys were not as developed as they are today, chiyogami was the plaything of choice for girls. The colorful papers were folded as origami into a variety of different shapes or used to create dolls. [...] Back then girls used to dream about seeing those dolls moving in real life.”

Noburo Ofuji, "About chiyogami animation and color film" (千代紙映畫と色彩映畫について)

Eiga hyoron (映画評論), July 1934 issue

“Although I presented my work as cutout animation at first, people called it "chiyogami animation" because I used chiyogami paper, and so I ended up calling myself a chiyogami animator.”

Noburo Ofuji, "Chiyogami eiga" (千代紙映畫)

Kogata eiga (小型映画), September 1930 issue

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